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Will your fly protection run out too soon?

By Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss Operations Manager

April 2016


Autumn is here, but it is still warm enough for flystrike. Will your sheep get to the cooler weather before your fly protection runs out? The FlyBoss Optimise Treatment Tool can help you choose the most cost-effective application time for treatments.

Aside from breeding for flystrike resistance and using breech modification, shearing, crutching and chemical prevention are the three mainstays for flystrike prevention.

The timing of these is critical to flystrike prevention.

Try the Optimise Treatment Tool to see what period of protection your current system is likely to achieve and to optimise the treatment time.

The tool is simple to use.

  1. Go to FlyBoss Tools.
  2. Use the map to choose your location—the tool uses long term weather records to calculate typical flystrike-risk periods.
  3. Then choose the Optimise Treatment Tool.
  4. Select the month and week when you shear, crutch or apply chemicals, as well as the type of chemical you use and whether your sheep are mulesed, then press Calculate.
  5. A graph will show the flystrike-risk periods for your flock using your chosen treatments.
  6. Now choose the Optimise button. Unless you already applied treatments at the optimum time, your graph will adjust and a new treatment date will appear in the entry fields. This will represent the treatment time that provides the most benefit from your chemical.

Please note that the tool uses long-term average weather data. In some wet years you may need to treat earlier.

The figure below shows an example of the output from the Optimise Treatment Tool, showing input fields and the flystrike risk graph.