Resistance management strategy for the Australian sheep blowfly (Lucilia cuprina)

Lucilia cuprina, the Australian sheep blowfly, initiates most cases of flystrike on Australian sheep. Like all insect pests, it has the potential to develop resistance to insecticide treatments. Some Australian sheep producers have reported shorter protection periods than claimed on the label of the flystrike products they have used.

On investigation, some of these cases are the result of improper application or heavy rain following insecticide application, however in a number of cases the presence of resistance has been confirmed.

This is a timely reminder for sheep producers to implement resistance management strategies to maintain flystrike protection for their flocks and slow the development of resistance within their local fly populations.

Strategies are described in the full document below. 

This document was prepared by Australian Wool Innovation and the AWI Sheep Blowfly Resistance Management Strategy Working Group:

Brian Horton (University of Tasmania), Peter James (University of Queensland), Deborah Maxwell (ParaBoss), Jane Morrison (MSD Animal Health), Bridget Peachey (Australian Wool Innovation), Nick Rolls (Elanco), Narelle Sales (NSW Department of Primary Industries).