Lice and Flystrike Products


Generated 29th of April 2017
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Chemical Groups and actives (Flystrike treatmentsLice treatments)
Chemical GroupChemical Active
IDIInsect Development InhibitorCyromazine, Dicyclanil
IGRInsect Growth RegulatorDiflubenzuron, Triflumuron
MLMacrocyclic LactoneAbamectin, Ivermectin
NNNeonicotinoidImidacloprid, Thiacloprid
OPOrganophosphateTemephos, Diazinon
SPSynthetic PyrethroidCypermethin, Alphacypermethrin, Deltamethrin
MGFSiMagnesium FluoroSilicateMagnesium FluoroSilicate

Application Time

1Apply within 1 day/24 hours of shearing
2Apply within 2 days/48 hours of shearing
7Apply within 7 days of shearing
14–42Apply after 14 days/2 weeks, but before 42 days/6 weeks after shearing
LWOn long wool, application time must comply with the withholding period/s on the label

Times related to treatments (all are shown in days)
WHIWithholding Period (Meat)the time from chemical application to when an animal is slaughtered for domestic use.
ESIExport Slaughter Intervalthe time from chemical application to when an animal is slaughtered for export.
WRPWool Rehandling Periodthe time between treatment and when wool/sheep can be safely handled without the need for protective clothing.
WHIWool Harvesting Intervalthe time from application of a chemical to when the wool can be harvested to satisfy Australian environmental requirements (also includes crutching).
PPProtection Periodthe time after treatment when the sheep is no longer protected from flystrike/lice.
QPQuarantine Periodthe time after treatment when lice on the treated sheep may be able to spread to other sheep.