Seasonal conditions and geography

Seasonal conditions

The risk of flystrike increases once the temperature is above 17°C, wind speeds are moderate (<30 km per hour) and sheep fleece remains moist from rainfall for a few days.

The FlyBoss tools allow you to assess the risk in your environment using local climate records. The tools also allow you to visualise how flystrike risk changes with different shearing and crutching times and management approaches.

Geography of paddocks

The geography and layout of a paddock will influence the prevalence of blowflies and the risk of flystrike in that environment.

In general, paddocks that are more exposed to wind, with less ground cover, timber and wet spots, will have less flystrike risk , making them more suitable for high risk mobs of sheep, such as marked lambs, daggy sheep and lambing ewes.

Open paddocks have fewer flies
Open paddocks have fewer flies